Moments of a Lifetime

Moments of a Lifetime, released July 16, 2021, is my latest EP. It was preceeded by the lead single, Say Yes!, which released on May 28, 2021. After the release of The Good Fight in September of 2020, I sent it to Vancouver-based rock band The Faceplants, whose album Animalistic was a huge inspiration sonically for The Good Fight.

Much to my surprise, they took a listen to it! What’s more, two of the members of the band, Garrett Ward and Dan Botch, have a production duo called The Renaissance and after taking a listen to The Good Fight they invited me to work with them on producing a new EP!

Moments of a Lifetime is an EP that celebrates all those little moments in a relationship – from the moment that you first meet, to the moment you realize you’re in love, to the moment where you pop the question, to the moment where you affirm your vows. These little “snapshots” of what love can look like is just a comforting thing to me, and it’s something that everyone can relate to.

I’m incredibly excited to share this new music with you; frankly, I think it’s some of the best music I’ve ever written, and the next level of production that working with The Renaissance brought is the cherry on top.

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The Moment of a Lifetime / Something I’ve Always Known / Say Yes! / The Church at the Top of the Hill